Friday, May 19, 2006

Sony Release 5 new phones

Sony have unveiled plans to release 5 new phones into the market in time for christmas. The list includes 2 flip phones, 2 walkman phones and a phone which can handle chinese character recognition.

This will include a low budget phone, excercise phones (including a step counter, and rumors of a haert monitor) that will combine your mp3 player phones and step counter, after research showed that the most common time people wanted to listen to MP3s was when exercising.

This seems a positive move for the worlds No 5 phone maker, who create some fantastic mobiles. They have already given a strong show against nokias N91 (4gb hard drive 2 mg camera) with the k750i which can handle memory cards of upto 4gb and is several hundred dollars cheaper.

Nokia currently have 18 new phones on teh market and planned this year, hoping to increase their lead on the mobile phone market by appealing to everybodies taste, unfortunately tehre prices are currently very high, something that I believe will hold them back over the coming years.


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