Friday, May 19, 2006


I have just had my hands on the XDA IQ, it is a light,
comfortable phone that fits into you hand like a glove fits over.

Powered by Windows Mobile 5.0, O2's XDA IQ business phone cues up out-of-box support for push e-mail, a 2.2-inch high resolution screen, Bluetooth 1.2 support and a 1.3 Megapixel camera, this PDA like phone offers a powerful punch.

It also supports WiFi technology, a great addition to any mobile phone, though I had no opportunity to test this I would presume it would offer great web browsing advantages.


This camera seemed to lag a little bit, so it would probably not be too good for any motion photography, the menu was also a little bit slow at times.

Full intigration with outlook 2003 for email pushing, fulfilling the role of a blackberry or similar.
Very Stylish,
Supports mini SD


This is a great phone that I forsee becoming a favorite in the business world, while it matches most functions of a blackberry it is packed into a much smaller space, and since it is fully integrated into Outlook 2003 business servers will not need to invest in a seperate blackberry server. The looks and quality will also make managers upwards in a company a lot happier, as lets face it, voice calls over the standard blackberries alwas make you feel foolish, they are too big to talk into!


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